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They are a great and cost-effective alternative to a RIB, Rigiflex , Pioner , Funyak or Whaly

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Pans Marine UK offer a fantastic range of safe, strong, affordable boats that are equally at home being used for saving lives, surveying, fishing or for just having great time on the water.

They are a great and cost-effective alternative to a RIB.

Pan’s Marine UK P355
Pan’s Marine UK P430
Pan’s Marine UK N450

Why Buy A Pan’s Marine UK Boat?



All Pans Marine UK boats are produced in mono-block form from extremely tough polyethylene using the rotation moulding technique. They are designed to offer comfortable and safe cruising pleasure, whilst having a large interior volume to provide maximum usage, and good storage space. They are a very cost effective, stronger, and more sensible alternative to RIBs, and are perfect for sailing schools, rowing clubs, rescue services as well as private individuals want a fun and safe way to get onto the water.


To give complete peace of mind, all Pans Marine UK boats have been C.E. certified by the Dutch Certification Institute (DCI), as Category C. This means that all boats are rated to operate in coastal waters, large bays and lakes, in winds up to Force 6, up to 27 knots, and significant seas up to 7 feet high.


The Pan’s Marine UK range of boats are globally recognised as tough, reliable and safe boats. They are currently used by International Search and Rescue Teams, Governmental Departments including Agricultural and Fisheries, and many more organisations. All boats are C.E. certified and come with a full 2 year warranty

Strong and Stable

Pan’s Marine UK boats are extremely strong and stable. The double walled hull cuts through the water whilst providing buoyancy and safety. Whether used as a safety, rescue, or leisure boat, Pan’s Marine UK boats will not let you down.

Virtually Maintenance Free

All our boats incorporate a powerful additive to make them U.V. stable. They are not affected by the sun, seawater, algae, osmosis or corrosion. The boats do not need to be anti-fouled. They are long-lasting and ergonomic. When you want to give your boat a clean, simply wash her down using water.

Green Credentials

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option for your boating, the Pan’s Marine UK range are the ones. They are fully recyclable. Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly yet super tough material. Any material surplus in our boat production is used in the manufacture of our accessories.

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